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awesome 3 里可以启用 debian menu,方法是新建一个带 x 属性的文件

# this file has to be executable
# put under ~/.menu-methods
# will run by update-menus
# default generate ~/.config/awesome/menu.lua
# you need to require("menu") to use menu.debian_menu


!include menu.h

outputencoding= "UTF-8";

function q($s) = "\"" esc($s,"\\\"") "\"";
function s($s) = replacewith(replacewith($s,"/","_"), " ", "_");
function findicon($filename)= 
       ifelsefile($filename, q($filename),
        iffile("/usr/share/pixmaps/" $filename,
                   q("/usr/share/pixmaps/" $filename)));
function x11menu()= "\t{"q(title())","q($command) ifnempty($icon, ","findicon($icon))"},\n";
function textmenu()= "\t{"q(title())", \"x-terminal-emulator -e \".."q($command) ifnempty($icon, ","findicon($icon))"},\n";

    x11= x11menu();
    text= textmenu();

startmenu=      s($section)" = {\n";
endmenu=        "}\n";
submenutitle=   "\t{"q(title())","s($section)"},\n";
genmenu=        "menu.lua";
rootsection=    "debian_menu";
userprefix=     "/.config/awesome/";
preoutput=      "-- automatically generated file. Do not edit (see /usr/share/doc/menu/html)\n\nmodule(\"menu\")\n\n";

放在 ~/.menu-methods下,然后运行

$ update-menus
这样就会在 ~/.config/awesome 下面建立 menu.lua,然后在 lua.rc 里做如下修改:
-- Load Debian menu entries

mymainmenu ={ items = { { "awesome", myawesomemenu, beautiful.awesome_icon },
                                    { "open terminal", terminal },
   				    { "debian", }



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